Perception & Cognition

Knowing the Imams

Imam Ali Ibn Musa (Eighth Imam)

Who is Imam Ridha (Reza) ? What happened for him?

Why he raveled to iran? How he died? … Continue reading “Imam Ali Ibn Musa (Eighth Imam)”

The Endtime movie (part 2)

This is the second part of the apocalypse or the end time … Continue reading “The Endtime movie (part 2)”

Imam Musa Ibn Ja’far (Seventh Imam)

Who is Imam Kazim? What he did?

Hou he died? What happened for him in the prison? …
Continue reading “Imam Musa Ibn Ja’far (Seventh Imam)”

Imam Ja’far Ibn Muhammad (sixth Imam)

Who is Imam Sadiq?

He is the sixth Imam and Shiite religious leader … Continue reading “Imam Ja’far Ibn Muhammad (sixth Imam)”

The Endtime movie (part 1)

This movie is about end time and what we should do and what the enemies are doing … Continue reading “The Endtime movie (part 1)”

Where is Mahdi? (video)

Where is Mahdi? Where is my twelfth Imam? where is our last Imam? 

Mahdi … the great awaited leader …
Continue reading “Where is Mahdi? (video)”

Imam Muhammad Ibn Ali (Fifth Imam)

Who is Imam Baqir? What happened for him in karbalaa?

He was a great teacher with many students …

Continue reading “Imam Muhammad Ibn Ali (Fifth Imam)”

Imam Ali Ibn Al Hussain (Fourth Imam)

Who is Imam sajjad? What happend for him?

His story is one of the saddest history of all time …
Continue reading “Imam Ali Ibn Al Hussain (Fourth Imam)”

Who is Hussain part 2? (video)

Who is Imam Hussain? What he did? What should we do?

This movie is his story … Continue reading “Who is Hussain part 2? (video)”

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