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Knowing the Imams



Al Ghadir Khumm (Greatest Eid of Shias)

What is Qadir (Ghadir)? What happened in that day?

Ghadir is the greatest day in all year …
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Imam Muhammad ibn Ali al Taqi (Ninth Imam)

Who is Imam Jawad? …

 What happened for him? …

How they killed him? … Continue reading “Imam Muhammad ibn Ali al Taqi (Ninth Imam)”

The Endtime movie (part 3)

This is the third part of Apocalypse and what will happen in Endtime …

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Imam Ali Ibn Musa (Eighth Imam)

Who is Imam Ridha (Reza) ? What happened for him?

Why he raveled to iran? How he died? … Continue reading “Imam Ali Ibn Musa (Eighth Imam)”

The Endtime movie (part 2)

This is the second part of the apocalypse or the end time … Continue reading “The Endtime movie (part 2)”

Imam Musa Ibn Ja’far (Seventh Imam)

Who is Imam Kazim? What he did?

Hou he died? What happened for him in the prison? …
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Imam Ja’far Ibn Muhammad (sixth Imam)

Who is Imam Sadiq?

He is the sixth Imam and Shiite religious leader … Continue reading “Imam Ja’far Ibn Muhammad (sixth Imam)”

The Endtime movie (part 1)

This movie is about end time and what we should do and what the enemies are doing … Continue reading “The Endtime movie (part 1)”

Where is Mahdi? (video)

Where is Mahdi? Where is my twelfth Imam? where is our last Imam? 

Mahdi … the great awaited leader …
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